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Tarot Reading

The art of tarot reading was the first oracle I learnt and I'm incredibly found of it. Known as the book of a thousand stories for a reason, I recommend booking a reading if you are interested in self knowledge, understanding the energies involved in a situation, planning the future or looking for Spiritual contact.

For live consultations you can choose between one hour or thirty minutes readings and these sessions will be offered through Google Meet. You'll receive the access link  one hour prior to the scheduled time. 

You can also choose to order a reading intended to aid future planning of life events such as vacations, marriages, important meetings, etc., by purchasing the Wheel of the Year Consultation - this service consist of a month by month tarot spread. You'll receive a Google Drive folder with audios for each month as well as a photo of the spread. We also offer this service with a  three or six month time period option.

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