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We are constantly engaging in rituals! If you have a routine, you have a ritual: that daily first cup of coffee, brushing your teeth before bed every day, taking a break at a specific time, etc.

Magical rituals, like our daily rituals, are meant to accomplish something, and we usually get to invite Spiritual Beings to help us  with the  chosen task a little bit.

The rituals offered here are the "follow along" kind.  After purchasing a ritual from us, you'll receive a Google Drive folder with the ritual video and a PDF with the list of materials needed as well as relevant information regarding the working you are planning on doing. The materials are physical elements that help us summon the energy we are planning to evoke and substitutions are provided for each of them.

None of the rituals offered here, at the Moon Garden, are meant to do harm and your energy will NOT be linked in any way to the energy of other participants (or ours).

The Moon Garden is not held responsible for the results or the lack of, of any of the rituals offered.

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