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Cowrie Shells

Oracular Consultation

Cowrie Shells Reading

Many African diasporic traditions have been using cowrie shells to consult Spirits regarding human needs. There are different types of cowries, and the ones used here, at the Moon Garden, are dedicated to the Spirits known in the Makumba as Pombagiras and Exus.

These Spirits will talk through the shells for the reader to interpret and many times even prescribe magical workings that support the client right the way.

Consider a Cowrie Shell consultation at the Moon Garden if you are in need of an objective and resolutive reading. If the shells suggest that an energetic intervention is possible, you can choose to engage in a ritual practice yourself or order that service from us.

Live Cowrie readings are held through Google Meet. An email with a link for the consultation will be provided one hour prior to the scheduled time. You can also opt for an offline reading.

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