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Cabaça of Life

A Cycle of Studies 

Cabaça of Life

The Cabaça, Portuguese word for Calabash, is an ancient symbol of birth, mystery, chaos and magic!

Those characteristics are exactly the energies shaping this cycle of studies: divided into four parts containing videos, pdfs and audios, this Cycle of Studies also contains materials on 21 Deities plus a basic guideline for Ancestry work. Each fragment of the Cabaça of Life goes as follows:

1 -  Birth: Here we discuss concepts regarding Feminine energy and meet the Deity who is interested in aiding you in your magical path . "Birth" materials include four pre-recorded videos, one pdf, one meditation audio as well as the "to print" materials: 22 oval shaped Deity cards and the Cabaça itself.

2- Mystery: Time and its many concepts is the main focus of this session of the Cabaça. You will also be offered the opportunity to call upon Divine Beings for support as you navigate the challenges of the Seasons. "Mystery" materials include nine pre-recorded videos.

3- Chaos: Now you'll be invited to put into practice all of the subjects we discussed in the previous two parts of this magical Calabash!  "Chaos" materials include four pre-recorded videos and one PDF.

4- Magic: Time to dive into some Cabaça secrets! This is the moment to get creative and have even more fun with magical techniques! "Magic" contains five pre-recorded videos.

Deity videos: Videos and rituals for  each of the 21 Cabaça of Life Deities and the Ancestors will also be provided, as well as a comprehensive list of external resources for further study. "Deity videos" materials include 44 pre-recorded videos and one PDF.

The Cabaça is meant to enrich and support the magical experience of any and all practitioners. It's important to note that the Deities participating in this work are from cultures all around the world and they are mainly understood as Feminine Powers (she/her/they/them). 

I occasionally host a live Cabaça of Life virtual gathering at a very small financial fee. These meetings are for exchange of questions, experiences, guided meditations, rituals, etc.; and will require you to sign up in advance. The financial investment for these gatherings is NOT included in the purchase of this Cycle of Studies.

The Powers who are part of the Cabaça of Life Cycle of Studies: Yemanja, Oshun, Nana Buruku, Oya, Iyami Osoronga, Persephone, Demeter, Hera, Aphrodite, Aset, Hathor, Kuan Yin, Freya, Mother Mary, Hekate, Sehkmet, Kali, Lilith, Sara la Kali, Inanna, Lakshmi, and the Ancestors.

If you feel that this beautiful Calabash is for you, but are lacking financial resources, please contact us at

Payment plans are also avaliable. Email us at for payment options.

Shared Magic is Multiplied Magic!

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