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Welcome to the Moon Garden!

A place of Spiritual Studies, Tarot and Cowrie Shells Readings and a lot of Magic!

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How it all started...

I, Debora Greer, was born in Brazil to a family of Makumbeiros - practitioners of Makumba, a Spiritual Tradition born of the forced interaction between Native Brazilians and enslaved Africans taken to Brazil in the early 1500's. In the Makumba we work with many Deities and Spirit Allies, but mostly, we worship our Ancestors.

It was a beautiful Summer night, with the Full Moon ruling over the sky that I met for the first time one of  my great Ancestors: the Pombagira Spirit Gypsy of the Road, also known as Sofia .

Sofia has been my loyal companion since then, protecting and guiding  me on my earthly journey, and also loosing Her thin patience every once in a while...

The Moon Garden was born first and foremost because Sofia wanted to, but I also find great joy in teaching the things I believe I know about Spirituality. 

Not all of the Spirits who are part of the Moon Garden are related to the practice of Makumba, I've had the amazing luck to meet some wonderful Deities and Entities along the way, but you can certainly feel my spiritual roots in everything I do and am.

Meet the Spiritual Team

As of now, the Spirits who actively engage with the Moon Garden work are:

Grandma and Grandpa Spirits, the Great Ancestors of the Makumba.

Pombagiras and Exus



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